About Us

The Morning Grind is an independently owned coffee shop.  All of our coffee beans are purchased through local brokers.  We get beans from all over the world.  With a new light and dark roast offered every few days, you can always try out something new and find out for yourself which is your favorite.

Our flavored coffees are a very unique and popular item.  Rather than adding flavor with pumps of syrup, these coffee beans have flavor added prior to roasting.  We offer flavors ranging from your basic Vanilla to something more exotic such as Blueberry Cobbler or Jamaican Paradise.  These flavors change on a weekly basis so there's plenty of options to try!

In addition to beverages, we offer a wide variety of baked goods and food items.  The majority of our products come from local bakers.  We strive to support the community as much as possible, and keeping as many products as we can local helps accomplish that.

With a spacious private back room, The Morning Grind is a great spot to hold your next business meeting or gathering.  Groups from 6-12 fit comfortably in the space, and advance reservations are accepted for this room.

We hope you'll stop by and check us out.  We are confident that you'll enjoy not only our product, but also our friendly baristas and our comfortable, relaxing atmosphere.  Whether you choose to use our drive-thru, or come inside and relax by the fire, make The Morning Grind part of your day!